Campaign: Safehouse

One of Restore NYC’s major goals for 2013 is to secure sufficient funding for a third safehouse in the New York metropolitan area. $100,000 provides resources to deliver life-changing housing and care at our safehouse for ten survivors for one year. This includes rent, food, utilities, supplies and our two Safehouse Coordinators.
• Annual rent - $60,000
• Annual cost of food - $7500
• Annual cost of utilities - $5000
• Furniture and other supplies - $7500
• Annual cost of stipends and benefits for safehouse coordinators - $20,000

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Nov 2013

Two part-time coordinators & three counselors.

Restore NYC works with adult foreign-born survivors of international sex trafficking. We provide overall case management and implement ESL, counseling, court advocacy and support, technical training and employment opportunities. We partner with trusted organizations to deliver other critical services (legal, mental health, vocational training).

United States; New York, NY

Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors. Working to this end, we deliver complete care, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs; provide community and safe, long-term housing; empower survivors when they cooperate with law enforcement; increase awareness and understanding in the greater community; and advocate for effective policies and legislation.